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  • Drawing Animals: A Husky

    Drawing Animals: A Husky

    You’ve seen (I hope) the post on drawing a kitten. Today in fairness to dog lovers, I’ve got a video on drawing a dog, a husky to be specific. This drawing is more of a portrait than the kitten picture was. And, it uses a lot more white space. Pay special attention to how subtly the artist delineated the dog’s chin from the fur beneath it. Besides the smooth-coated vs. fluffy coated distinction, cat breeds have a lot more in […]

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  • No Naked Kittens! How to Draw Fur

    No Naked Kittens! How to Draw Fur

    A few posts back, I showed a time-lapse video of an artist drawing a kitten. If you like — or would like — to draw animals, the video I have today is a more thorough demonstration of how to draw fur. The artist in the video, Claudia Nice, is a self-taught artist who’s perfected her work through careful observation. You’ll be able to see that at work here, and if you watch the whole video (it’s longish at almost 9 […]

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  • Drawing Animals:  A Kitten

    Drawing Animals: A Kitten

    Many artists have depicted animals. Artists ranging from the cave artists of Lascaux to the Northern Renaissance’s Albrecht Durer to today’s Robert Bateman.  And don’t forget cartoonists like Walt Disney. If you’re interested in animal drawings and/or how they are created, this video shows one of a kitten done in time-lapse photography. I especially like this drawing because I’ve heard so many people complain about the difficulties of capturing young animals in their art. This drawing does a great job […]

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