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  • Warm and Fuzzy: How to Draw Realistic Fur

    Warm and Fuzzy: How to Draw Realistic Fur

    Yesterday’s drawing of the sea turtle made me realize that there haven’t been any posts on drawing animals for awhile, That and the fact that the cat is sitting in my lap right now. So, today I’ve got a really good lesson in drawing realistic fur. You know that if you like drawing animals, you’re probably going to have to know how to draw fur. And fur can be problematic, so . . . (Please note that this video is […]

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  • Not Everything is Black and White

    Not Everything is Black and White

    I’m the kind of person who wishes things were black and white.  Well, things like “issues.” But not necessarily art. So, today’s videos are about drawing with colored pencils. The first video is a drawing of a turtle. The video is complete in itself, but although it gives a URL for the artist’s site — where you can see the finished piece —  it didn’t work. I do like this artist, though, so I’ll keep looking for her and let […]

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  • Working with Pastels: A Lesson and an Inspiration

    Working with Pastels: A Lesson and an Inspiration

    There sometimes seems to be a little confusion as to whether working with pastels is drawing or painting. The thing is this is a drawing site, and I want to include pastel works on it. So from here on I’m just going to pretend that the whole matter doesn’t exist, i.e, as far as I’m concerned, working with pastels equals drawing. I’ll try to avoid mentioning the issue ever again. So, for today’s drawing video – or videos – I’ve […]

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  • What Do Tigers Really Want?

    What Do Tigers Really Want?

    I think tigers want a really flattering picture of themselves .  .  .  but maybe I’m just thinking of what I want. This video shows a terrific time-lapse drawing of a Siberian tiger. It took 10 hours over 2 weeks to draw, but you get to see it in about 5 minutes.  And I think it’s worth every minute. This is one of those pictures in which the artist pretty much finishes one area before moving on to the next.  […]

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  • Drawing Animals: Fantastic Cats

    Drawing Animals: Fantastic Cats

    If you like cats . . . Or if you like realism . . . Or even if you just like very, very good drawing . . . You’re really going to enjoy this little video. I love the way this artist used different poses (the second is my favorite) and captured the personalities of his subjects.  The skill he displays in drawing fur and creating light are fantastic.  And take a look at the eyes in cat number 16.  […]

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  • How to Draw a Realistic Dog in Pencil

    How to Draw a Realistic Dog in Pencil

    Several posts ago, I had video about drawing a husky. I promised then that I’d watch for videos that showed drawings of other breeds, and today, I’ve got just that. In fact, I have two videos of that. The first video shows a time-lapse drawing of a dog. This video shows quite a lot of detail, and I think it’s especially good for those of you want to learn more about drawing. The second video is a slide show of […]

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  • Animal Art: Not What You Think!

    Animal Art: Not What You Think!

    So far, I’ve posted animal drawings of cats and dogs and horses and even whales. In this post, I’ve got a drawing of elephants. Before you say, “So what?”  let me point out that this drawing of elephants is drawn by an elephant. Take a look. Pretty incredible, isn’t it? I can’t imagine how anyone can watch this video and not feel differently about animals. Did it make you feel or think differently about animals? Did it make you feel […]

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  • How To Draw Animals: A Blue Whale

    How To Draw Animals: A Blue Whale

    If you love whales, today’s post has a quick, but detailed drawing of a blue whale. The artist has a terrific grasp of just what makes a whale a whale, right down to the “pose.”   And he conveys that knowledge in this instructional video. I do have one problem with this video: It’s silent. I guess like most of us these days, I expect some sort of audio with a video.  But, please, don’t let the silence deter you from […]

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  • Horse Portraits

    Horse Portraits

    Humans have always had a special relationship with horses, and horses have been a popular subject of art for . . . well, forever.  They’re even found in cave paintings. The video in this post includes a number of gorgeous drawings of horses. Work horses, race horses, herds of horses, etc. But I think that maybe the most interesting are the commissioned horse portraits. When you look at these drawings, you realize just how different one horse can look from […]

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  • Drawing with . . . Chocolate Syrup

    Drawing with . . . Chocolate Syrup

    Depending on your parenting style, you may or may not want your child to see this video. Why? Because the medium is chocolate syrup. You do the math. My biggest problem with this work was deciding if it was a drawing or a painting.  Sometimes, it’s a thin line. But since I really wanted to show you this, and since I have a drawing done in cola — I get to call it a drawing because I did it — […]

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