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  • Apology Art

    Apology Art

    Oh, no!  Here it is Earth Day, and I missed Doodle Monday! But I have a really good excuse that’s sort of art related: I was standing in the blazing sun all day painting plastic barrels. See I told you it was art related. The local gardening association is having their big annual spring event, and the barrels are being used in a craft class . . . and they had to be primed. I volunteered for a couple of […]

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  • White Chalk Drawing in Honor of the Snow

    White Chalk Drawing in Honor of the Snow

    Almost unbelievably (it’s not like I live in Minnesota), it is snowing again today. So, in honor of this freakish weather, I have a white chalk drawing for you today. See how much can be conveyed with such a basic medium in such a simple drawing.     What did I tell you? There is so little actual drawing (in terms of marks on paper), and yet it couldn’t depict a cat much better. I hope you liked this video. […]

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  • Drawing a “Dog” in Pastels

    Drawing a “Dog” in Pastels

    The last two posts have been lessons on drawing dogs. And, of course, the ultimate goal is a portrait of your dog for over the mantle. Assuming you have a mantle. And assuming you have a dog. But if you’re going to hang something over your mantle, you might want it in color, right? So, I went looking for a lesson on how to draw dogs in color, and the best one I found for you is not a dog […]

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  • More on How to Draw Dogs

    More on How to Draw Dogs

    Yesterday’s post was about getting a feel for drawing dogs. Today’s goes into a bit more detail, especially in regards to drawing fur. You’ll notice that the subject of the drawing is a collie, but I think that the lessons the video demonstrates can easily be translated to different breeds. Also, just so you know, this is a somewhat long video (about 20 minutes), but it goes quickly and is packed with information.     I think one of the […]

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  • How to Draw Dogs

    How to Draw Dogs

    If you’re a pet owner, you have a ready source of models sitting around waiting for you. Sort of. And, of course, if you’re a pet owner, you probably want to draw them. But they aren’t shaped like people and they have all this fur. So, how do you start? Today’s tutorial will help you get a feel for drawing dogs and, of course, all that fur.     She really does make it look easy. (So maybe it is?) […]

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  • Fantasy Art and a Media Twist

    Fantasy Art and a Media Twist

    Today I’ve got a fantasy drawing of a winged lion by Jeff Miracola for you. I haven’t posted much fantasy art, but this one might make it worth the wait for those of you who are fantasy fans. There’s lots to look at in the drawing, and there’s maybe even more to look at in the way the drawing is created. The copy says the drawing is done with Ebony pencil, white Prismacolor pencil, and Black India Ink and Loew-Cornell […]

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  • Drawing Jake in Pastels

    Drawing Jake in Pastels

    Today’s post is about a lumberjack who for some reason will only wear pastels. Yes, Yes, of course, I’m kidding. Jake is actually a Gordon setter, and today’s video is a portrait of him done in pastels. The artist is Mary Herbert, and the (speed) drawing is . . .  well, watch it and see.     I told you — sort of — didn’t I? The portrait in itself is beautiful, but the video is so instructive. Look at […]

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  • Feathers and Fur . . . in a Good Way

    Feathers and Fur . . . in a Good Way

    Feathers and fur make me think of burlesque, but . . .  Burlesque has nothing at all to do with this post, so I’ll move along. There are certain things that trained artists often strive to master in their drawing: likenesses, draping, water, etc., etc., etc., and feather and fur. Today’s post has an example of each. The first video is a popular video of the drawing of a Mccaw.  The second is a somewhat obscure  video of the drawing […]

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  • There’s More Than One Way to . . .

    There’s More Than One Way to . . .

    There’s probably more than one way to do just about everything. In this post, I have two videos on two very different ways to draw a dog. There’s also a hint included in this post, but . . . more about that later. So, here’s one way to draw a dog. This is sort of a sophisticated draw-by-numbers method. If you have trouble with proportions, you might like to try this technique for a while and see if it helps […]

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  • Killing Time Artistically

    Killing Time Artistically

    How often do you find yourself having to kill time?  Like waiting in line or for water to boil? How often do you find yourself having to kill long periods of time?   Like in doctors’ offices or . . .  on airplanes? I don’t really travel that much, but I still feel as if I spend way too much time in airports and on planes. And I would never have thought of using that time to draw. But this artist […]

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