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Before You Draw the Wrinkles

You’ve decided to draw a picture.

You’ve chosen your subject and medium. You’ve positioned the subject in a particular environment or against a certain backdrop. And you’re ready.

Well, you thought you were, but now you find that you are overwhelmed.

How are you going to look at the subject? Straight on? From above? From the side? What part of it are you going to draw? All of it? Just a profile? Just a fragment? Should the subject be centered? Or maybe on the left side of the paper?  And where will the light be coming from? And. . . ? And . .  .? And . . .?

You’d just dive in, but it’s so hard to put down the first mark, and drawing paper can be pretty expensive.  And you want to get it just right. And . . .

Calm down. There’s a cure for this. It’s called thumbnails.



See, how easy (and fun) that was?

Just making some small sketches has helped you decide on just the composition you wanted.

You feel a lot better. In fact, you feel downright confident.

So, get drawing.

You can worry about all of those details later.

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