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Aye Aye Eye! Pen and Ink vs. Pencil

In the last week or two, I’ve shown a couple of tutorials on using pen and ink.

Today’s post is one that will show you some of the differences between pen and ink and pencil, and how they’re used to achieve, if not exactly the same look, the same effect.

The subject for both videos is an eye so the differences should be easy to compare.

Note: These videos are longish — the first is slightly over 8 minutes and the second about 14 and a half minutes — so if you really want to study them and you’re busy (everyone is busy now), you may want watch them in a couple of sittings.

It’s interesting to see the subtlety that’s necessary to create shading with pen and ink.

The challenge with a pencil — since shading is so much easier (well, less time-intensive) — is to study the model carefully and use restraint in the shading.

Both drawings illustrate an eye and both do what they’re supposed to, but what a difference!

If you really want to learn or find your drawing niche, you really should try to get a feel for both media. (Besides, they’re both fun.)

I hope you enjoyed these videos and learned something new from them.  If you did, please share this post and Best Drawing Videos with your friends.