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  • Mega Doodle!

    Mega Doodle!

    No, it’s not a mega doodle in size, but it took the artist four to five hours to complete the doodle. In my book, that makes it mega. (Before you panic: It’s time lapse; the video is only about five minutes long.) At first this doodle looks like a lot of others that are out there: It’s sort of free-hand, and sort of “tangly,” and it has that classical horror vacui going on. But if you watch it closely, you’ll […]

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  • No Idle Hands:  Drawing with Both Hands

    No Idle Hands: Drawing with Both Hands

    Who can get enough of seeing someone drawing with both hands at the same time? Not me. So even though I’ve posted someone drawing with both hands before, I’ve got another one for you today.     Now, frankly, the first artist’s drawing was — at least to me — a much better one than any of these. But I have to give this artist a lot of credit for being a street artist (all of those distractions) and for […]

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  • 9 Ways to Shade with Pen and Ink

    9 Ways to Shade with Pen and Ink

    Last week I posted videos of a couple of impressive drawings done with ballpoint pens. Just look at the detail and depth in those drawings. But exactly how do you achieve the shading you need for depth when you’re using a pen? Today, for those of you just getting started with pen and ink, I’ve got a little tutorial that will teach you nine different ways to do just that. (Note: The instructor uses an egg shape for his demonstration. […]

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  • In Defense of Doodling

    In Defense of Doodling

    Now, you and I know that doodling doesn’t need defending. But for some reason, some people still just don’t get it. They still think it’s just scribbling, a distraction from something more important than what is going on, a waste of time. Sigh. I’ve brought up this issue before (See: Doodlers, Be Brave! ) and had hoped it had been laid to rest, but . . . well, if wishes were horses. . . So, today, I have yet another justification […]

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  • Interview with an Artist: James Rosenquist

    Interview with an Artist: James Rosenquist

    To be creative is to be accepting, but it’s also to be harsh on one’s self. You just don’t paint colors for the silliness of it all. – James Rosenquist James Rosenquist was one of the protagonists of the Pop Art movement, which may just go to show you how far training in billboard painting can take you. In fact, billboard painting was probably the perfect training for Rosenquist, who used sign-painting techniques to create the large-scale paintings he began […]

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  • Ballpoint-Pen Portrait in Color

    Ballpoint-Pen Portrait in Color

    Yesterday, we looked at a beautifully shaded ballpoin-pen portrait of Audrey Hepburn. Today, I’ve got another ballpoint pen portrait of . . . someone . . .  It also has that subtle shading that’s so hard to imagine creating with a ballpoint, but this one is also in color.     Be sure to study the illustration of the knit work in the hat and scarf. I know artists who would have trouble with that detail using something as forgiving […]

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  • Audrey Hepburn Drawing in Ballpoint Pen

    Audrey Hepburn Drawing in Ballpoint Pen

    You’ve probably seen ballpoint pen drawings before.  If you ever come here, you certainly have. And you have to realize that if you’re drawing anything except maybe cartoons with ballpoint pens, you have to have a very delicate touch to create subtle shading. If you’ve ever even written with a ballpoint pen — and who hasn’t? — you know what I’m talking about. Well, watch this artist carefully because the subtlety and softness of his shading is somewhat amazing.   […]

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  • Apology Art

    Apology Art

    Oh, no!  Here it is Earth Day, and I missed Doodle Monday! But I have a really good excuse that’s sort of art related: I was standing in the blazing sun all day painting plastic barrels. See I told you it was art related. The local gardening association is having their big annual spring event, and the barrels are being used in a craft class . . . and they had to be primed. I volunteered for a couple of […]

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  • Intervieiw with an Artist: Sara Lucas

    Intervieiw with an Artist: Sara Lucas

    In the interest of starting the weekend interestingly, today’s video is an interview with artist Sara Lucas. Her art is interesting enough (although it’s sculpture not drawing), but so is her “studio.” Why? Because she doesn’t really have one and is using her hotel room for a studio. And since she’s hanging out in a hotel room, she’s in pajamas for this interview.     So what do you think of that? Does it make you feel like becoming an […]

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  • Student Sketchbook

    Student Sketchbook

    Yesterday, we (okay, I) talked about the importance of sketching. Not just buying a sketchbook, but actually using it. To inspire you some more, today I’ve got a student’s sketchbook to show you. His sketches are interesting and beautiful, but they aren’t finished works. Let me repeat that: His sketches are not finished works. He has drawn them for practicing, exploring, and playing. Take a look at the video to see what I’m talking about.     See what I […]

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