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Apology Art

Oh, no!  Here it is Earth Day, and I missed Doodle Monday!

But I have a really good excuse that’s sort of art related: I was standing in the blazing sun all day painting plastic barrels. See I told you it was art related.

The local gardening association is having their big annual spring event, and the barrels are being used in a craft class . . . and they had to be primed. I volunteered for a couple of hours which turned into most of the day, and now I’ve missed Doodle Monday . . . and I’m sunburned.

To make up for that — missing Doodle Monday not the sunburn — I have some special coffee art for you today. Mary of Mary Doodles has painted (I know, I know: It’s not drawing) a penguin using — mostly — coffee.



So how does this relate to Earth Day?

Well, now if you spill your coffee, it doesn’t have to go to waste. Or something like that.

Have a wonderful Earth Day and, while you’re at it, click that link and share today’s post with your friends.