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Anamorphic Mood Changer

What do you do when you’re in a bad mood?

Watch old sitcoms? Play basketball? Read something funny? Eat chocolate? Go shopping?

Well, today, I’m in a bad mood so I wondered what might snap me out of it, and I realized that maybe a bit of Julian Beever anamorphic street chalk art might do the trick.

So, I went and found this video of him in Vienna in 2009 drawing one of his most difficult works. And the video shows — sort of — him doing all of the work; it’s not just a shot of the finished piece. Which, of course, means the video is about 10 minutes long. So if you’re short on time just scroll ahead (if you have to). In case you’re interested, he starts talking around the 6th minute and it’s worth seeing that section just to see him sitting on his “step.’



Well, what do you think?

I do like his drawings. And I do feel a little better. But, you know, I think I do need to go look for some chocolate.

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