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Almost Missed It by a Nose

First: Apologies.

I promised (well, said) on Tuesday that I’d have more on drawing noses yesterday, and it didn’t happen.

As you know: Sometimes (other) stuff just happens. But I didn’t forget, and today’s video —  “How to Draw a Nose  – Step-by-Step” — is a follow-up to the video on the anatomy of the nose. (Notice how you were painlessly eased through the prerequisite for this video? You’re going to be so glad you watched that first video.)

So, grab a photo of a nose that you have lying around (You do have a photo of a nose lying around, don’t you?), and let’s get going.



This artist (Stan Prokopenko) is a terrific teacher, and I’ll bet noses don’t seem so difficult anymore.

I hope not anyway because you’re portraits will look silly without them.

If you enjoyed today’s video and/or learned a little something from it, pass the nose knowledge on to your friends.