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9 Ways to Shade with Pen and Ink

Last week I posted videos of a couple of impressive drawings done with ballpoint pens.

Just look at the detail and depth in those drawings.

But exactly how do you achieve the shading you need for depth when you’re using a pen?

Today, for those of you just getting started with pen and ink, I’ve got a little tutorial that will teach you nine different ways to do just that.

(Note: The instructor uses an egg shape for his demonstration. I suggest you get a real egg to look at while you do this.)



If you want any kind of depth to your drawings, you really have to learn how to shade. And shading with pen and ink at least seems more difficult since there’s no possibility of smudging to get the effect.

But as you can see from the video, pen and ink shading isn’t all that much more difficult than shading with pencil; it’s just a little different, maybe slightly more rigid. But “rigid” doesn’t mean that you don’t have lots of options. In fact, now you have at least nine.

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