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  • Drawing: Best Foot Forward

    Drawing: Best Foot Forward

    It occurred to me today that I have seriously neglected something all of you who like to or want to draw figures really need a video about. That’s right. I’m talking about feet. The problem with finding instructional videos on drawing feet is (1) the videos are pretty long or (2) the feet don’t look like those of earthlings. But I think I have solved the problem because I managed to find a video that’s just over five minutes and […]

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  • Before You Draw the Wrinkles

    Before You Draw the Wrinkles

    You’ve decided to draw a picture. You’ve chosen your subject and medium. You’ve positioned the subject in a particular environment or against a certain backdrop. And you’re ready. Well, you thought you were, but now you find that you are overwhelmed. How are you going to look at the subject? Straight on? From above? From the side? What part of it are you going to draw? All of it? Just a profile? Just a fragment? Should the subject be centered? […]

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  • Let’s Doodle Again

    Let’s Doodle Again

    Yes, it has been awhile. You see I took a couple of weeks off because . . . Well, I’d like to say something inspiring like because I was at a drawing retreat in the Himalayas, but that would be a lie. The truth is I’ve been doing some other things (well, it is gardening season, you know). But, at least for now, I’m back, and I think we’re all overdue for some doodling. (I know: You’ve had to spend […]

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