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  • Coffee Break Doodle

    Coffee Break Doodle

    Happy Doodle Monday! If you got to work on time this morning and grabbed a cup of coffee first thing (Doesn’t everyone do that?), it’s probably cold by now. Now I know you’re the kind of employee who doesn’t like to waste company resources, so today I’ve got an idea for how you can put that cold coffee to good use.     I’ve doodled with cola, but never with coffee. What a great idea! And don’t you think your […]

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  • White Chalk Drawing Lesson . . . Sort Of

    The other day I posted a white chalk drawing of a cat. I thought that if you liked that white-on-black technique you might want to learn more about it (well, I hope you do anyway).  So I’ve got a really lovely video of a portrait drawn in white chalk on black for you today. Although I called it “sort of” a lesson, it isn’t . . . technically. But if you watch this artist’s technique, you’ll learn a ton. Pay […]

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  • White Chalk Drawing in Honor of the Snow

    White Chalk Drawing in Honor of the Snow

    Almost unbelievably (it’s not like I live in Minnesota), it is snowing again today. So, in honor of this freakish weather, I have a white chalk drawing for you today. See how much can be conveyed with such a basic medium in such a simple drawing.     What did I tell you? There is so little actual drawing (in terms of marks on paper), and yet it couldn’t depict a cat much better. I hope you liked this video. […]

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  • Doodling and the Math-Art Relationship

    Doodling and the Math-Art Relationship

    If you’ve studied art at all, you’ve probably been exposed to the importance of math in art. Proportions and all that kind of thing. But today’s video shows a whole different side of the math-art relationship.     You may have guessed that this video is from Vihart, the math class doodler, whom we haven’t seen for a while.  The way she uses art is as a means of understanding and explaining math. And sometimes as a way of drawing […]

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  • Interview with an Artist: Brett Amory

    Interview with an Artist: Brett Amory

    Today’s interview with an artist is with San Francisco Bay area artist Brett Amory. His subject matter comes largely from his own neighborhood (as in “Don’t tell me you don’t have anything to draw.”), and his work focuses on composition, color, and space. His work has been compared to Edward Hopper’s, but , for my part, I like his work even better. See what you think.     Well, what do you think? Post a comment and let us know. […]

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  • Drawing a “Dog” in Pastels

    Drawing a “Dog” in Pastels

    The last two posts have been lessons on drawing dogs. And, of course, the ultimate goal is a portrait of your dog for over the mantle. Assuming you have a mantle. And assuming you have a dog. But if you’re going to hang something over your mantle, you might want it in color, right? So, I went looking for a lesson on how to draw dogs in color, and the best one I found for you is not a dog […]

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  • More on How to Draw Dogs

    More on How to Draw Dogs

    Yesterday’s post was about getting a feel for drawing dogs. Today’s goes into a bit more detail, especially in regards to drawing fur. You’ll notice that the subject of the drawing is a collie, but I think that the lessons the video demonstrates can easily be translated to different breeds. Also, just so you know, this is a somewhat long video (about 20 minutes), but it goes quickly and is packed with information.     I think one of the […]

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  • How to Draw Dogs

    How to Draw Dogs

    If you’re a pet owner, you have a ready source of models sitting around waiting for you. Sort of. And, of course, if you’re a pet owner, you probably want to draw them. But they aren’t shaped like people and they have all this fur. So, how do you start? Today’s tutorial will help you get a feel for drawing dogs and, of course, all that fur.     She really does make it look easy. (So maybe it is?) […]

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  • To Doodle Is To Win

    To Doodle Is To Win

    Happy Doodle Monday! Or as we like to say here: “How can it possibly be snowing again?” The other day a friend and I were discussing creativity and the psychological importance of having a creative outlet. That (of course) made me think of doodling because although I know many of you are fairly serious artists who draw and paint and all that, some of you “just” doodle. If you are one of this last group, and you dismiss the importance […]

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  • Interview with an Artist: Susan Weil

    Interview with an Artist: Susan Weil

    Today’s video is an interview with artist Susan Weil. According to Wikipedia Susan Weil “is an American artist best known for her experimental three-dimensional paintings, which combine figurative illustration with explorations of movement and space.” I might add that time figures into her work, too. Weil is also known for having been married to artist Robert Rauschenberg, but she can certainly carry her own weight. She paints and works with  mixed media and has even tried her hand at bookmaking. […]

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