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  • Doodling: Math and Wildlife

    Doodling: Math and Wildlife

    Happy Doodle Monday! So how do math and wildlife relate? Well, wildlife does multiply, right? But how does doodling apply to math and wildlife? You’re about to find out. And what’s in it for you? (You had to ask, didn’t you?) Well, I’ve begun to suspect that your boss may be catching on to Doodle Monday and how you’re spending the time he/she pays you for. I think the math element — “Well, sir, I’m working out the fractal implications […]

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  • Interview with an Artist: Agnes Martin

    Interview with an Artist: Agnes Martin

    After hearing the lectures of Zen Buddhist scholar D.T. Suzuki, Agnes Martin became interested in Asian thought as a “code of ethics [and] a practical how-to for getting through life.” It was probably at least partially this influence that led Agnes Martin to train herself to empty her mind and avoid societal influences like reading the newspaper, which when she died at 92, it was said she hadn’t read in 50 years. (Wikipedia) The result of all this: She was […]

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  • Digital Art: You Say Potato . . .

    Digital Art: You Say Potato . . .

    Today’s video is of a digital finger painting. Or is it a digital drawing? It’s really hard to know what to call these kinds of works. But since this one is fantastic, and since I want to include it on Best Drawing Videos, I’m calling it a drawing. Okay, I just watched it again, and it probably is more of a painting than a drawing. But I still don’t care because I really wanted you to see it. Now, what […]

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  • Drawing: In the Mood

    Drawing: In the Mood

    What emotion is going to show up on your face when I tell you that today’s video is the longest one I’ve ever posted? Well, it doesn’t matter which one because if you watch the video, you’ll be able to draw it. Yes, today’s post is on how to draw emotions.  This video reduces everything to a minimum while still enabling you to create easily recognizable moods and emotions in your subject So, since the video is longish and time […]

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  • No, Really: It’s Not Just a Watercolor

    No, Really: It’s Not Just a Watercolor

    Yes, I know the video says watercolor, and, yes, there is water used in this picture, but the reason I’m posting it is because of the pen and ink drawing. In my view, it’s mostly a pen and ink drawing anyway. And most of the “watercolor” part is done with what is practically a pen. So . . . Now, that I’ve ranted on about that . . . Not only is this a great picture to study — watch […]

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  • Doodling Differently

    Doodling Differently

    Happy Doodle Monday! Today’s doodling post is a little different than most of them have been. And — I admit it — many of you may not “relate.” But for those of you who do . . . Today’s doodle is primarily for those who journal or, to be specific, art journal. (How can I be using “art journal” as a verb? What has become of me?) If you keep an art journal, this video should give you a few […]

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  • Sketching History and Humor

    Sketching History and Humor

    We’ve seen a lot of sketchbooks here, but not for a while. So that — along with the fact that you can’t see too many sketchbooks — means it’s time for another one. Or two. The artist of these sketchbooks is June. She is (obviously) an art student, but she’s also a history buff and a comic book creator. Watching how these interests come together adds even more to what are already some fantastic sketches.   I never would have […]

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  • Oscar Selfie Portrait

    Oscar Selfie Portrait

    Okay, okay. I admit it. I’ve been watching a lot of television lately. A lot. So, maybe that’s why when I started looking at this artist’s wildlife portraits, I got distracted by this colored-pencil drawing of all those actors at the Oscars posing for their selfie. Or maybe it’s because it’s jut such a great drawing and so much fun to watch being created. And did I mention that it’s educational? Watch it a couple of times, and you’ll see […]

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  • Doodle a Story

    Doodle a Story

    Happy Doodle Monday! You know there’s doodling . . . and then there’s doodling. A lot of the time, doodling is abstract. Squiggles and squares and stars and stuff. Sometimes, it’s abstract, but creates a pattern. Sometimes it’s figurative and filled with little animals or people or creatures of one sort or another. All fine. (It is doodling after all.) But sometimes doodling takes a leap and . . . before you know it, it’s telling a story. What do […]

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  • Interview with an Artist: Alex Katz

    Interview with an Artist: Alex Katz

    It’s so easy, in fact it’s so impossible, not to get all kinds of ideas and form all kinds of opinions when looking at a work of art. This might be especially true of the works of an artist like Alex Katz. They’re mostly big and bold and so — seemingly — simple, but did  you know that he has admitted to destroying a thousand paintings in order to find his style? Or that his paintings don’t start out as […]

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