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  • I’m Outta Here . . . Temporarily

        It’s the holidays, and I’ve decided I should have one.  Just a little break or —  as I like to call it — a blogcation. So, I’ll be offline (mostly) until January 2nd. I wish you and your families the happiest of holidays, and I look forward to “seeing” you all again in the new year! January 2nd. Don’t forget!  

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  • A 3D Merry Christmas

    A 3D Merry Christmas

    If you’ve been practicing the lightning bolt and coil techniques I posted about in the last couple of days and trying to perfect your figure sketching, you’re probably exhausted. And, it is almost Christmas. So, today’s post is one of Julian Beever’s great trompe l’oeil chalk drawings with a Christmas motif. To give you a break and get your in the spirit. What else can I say except Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! And, oh yes: See you next year!

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  • Drawing with Lightning Bolts, As Promised

    Drawing with Lightning Bolts, As Promised

    Yesterday’s video was about creating foreshortening using coils. I told you that the instructor also had a tutorial on drawing the human figure using lightning bolts and that I’d post it sometime. Well, I decided that it was too interesting for you to have to wait on, so I’ve got it for you today. I think you’re going to find this approach unique. Maybe you’ve seen someone use this lightning bolt structure to layout a human figure, but I hadn’t. […]

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  • Fun with Foreshortening

    Fun with Foreshortening

    You know how when you study art history they make such a big deal about the discovery or invention or whatever of foreshortening? Well, there’s a reason: It’s because it’s sort of a difficult concept to grasp . . . and to draw. But if you want to draw more than stick figures or Flat Stanley’s, you’re pretty much going to have to learn it. With that in mind, I’ve found a very interesting tutorial on foreshortening. It involves coils* […]

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  • Doodling for Holiday Stress Relief

    Doodling for Holiday Stress Relief

    Christmas is coming. And for a lot of you — not me, mind you, but a lot of you — that means you’re getting increasingly stressed. And that means you need a doodle intervention to take your mind off of everything and give you a relaxing, creative break. So, guess what I found for you over at the Shoebeedoodler’s.  A doodled Christmas stocking! So, you can relax, doodle, and still stay in the Christmas spirit. I think (hope) this is […]

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  • Holiday Escape: Roman Street Artist

    Holiday Escape: Roman Street Artist

    You’re probably in the middle of holiday season madness right about now (not to mention that yesterday was Friday the 13th), and I’ll bet you’re in serious need of a little escape. So, today’s video is a mini vacation to Rome where you you’re going to get to watch a spray-paint street artist at work. It’s a little something different from the usual, which is probably just what you need right now. You even — sort of — get a […]

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  • Remember Last Year’s Christmas Tree?

    Remember Last Year’s Christmas Tree?

    And by “remember last year’s Christmas tree?” I mean my post last year on how to draw a Christmas tree. Yes, it’s the holidays and since I’m not putting any inflatables on the lawn, I thought I’d express the spirit by sharing some do-it-yourself holiday art. I can tell you’re excited so I won’t keep you in suspense: This post’s video is on Christmas nail art! To be specific, how to paint reindeer on your nails. I have to admit […]

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  • In the Mood

    In the Mood

    Since we’ve been “talking” about pen and ink drawing for a while now, I thought today’s video would be a welcome change. It starts as a pencil sketch, then morphs into a computer-drawn landscape. And it has a little surprise. (Honestly, it’s little. Don’t get excited.) Did you see the surprise? Yes, it was the Christmas tree. I thought it might help those of you who celebrate Christmas get in the mood. If you aren’t already. And, of course, besides […]

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  • Aye Aye Eye! Pen and Ink vs. Pencil

    Aye Aye Eye! Pen and Ink vs. Pencil

    In the last week or two, I’ve shown a couple of tutorials on using pen and ink. Today’s post is one that will show you some of the differences between pen and ink and pencil, and how they’re used to achieve, if not exactly the same look, the same effect. The subject for both videos is an eye so the differences should be easy to compare. Note: These videos are longish — the first is slightly over 8 minutes and […]

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  • Doodling Diagnosis

    Doodling Diagnosis

    So, if you’ve been following the “program,” you’ve been doodling a lot. And I hope you have a notebook filled with amazing doodles. But the thing about those doodles is, they didn’t just happen: You set out to doodle. But what about those doodles that do just sort of happen? You know, when you’re in a meeting or on a boring phone call or in a macroeconomics class? Where did those things come from? Well, those doodles are when your […]

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