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  • Drawing with Pen and Ink or Oops! It’s Over

    Drawing with Pen and Ink or Oops! It’s Over

    Different arts attract different personalities. And, in the fine arts, different media attract different ones, too. Artists who paint with oils know that they can pretty much correct any mistake they might make. Watercolorists . . . not so much. Sculptors who use clay can add and subtract to their work as they go along:  A bit too much clay added here can be carved away and work can go on. A potter, on the other hand, can ruin his/her […]

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  • Doodling with Historical References

    So how many of you watched the Dr. Who 50th anniversary special this weekend? Oh. . .  Well, I hope at least some of you did because I’ve been a Dr. Who fan since . . . more of the doctors have come and gone than I care to admit . So, when I saw today’s doodle, I may have been predisposed to see Who-ish references in it, but I did.     So, what did you see? The robot, […]

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  • This Artist Is as Inspirational as His Art

    This Artist Is as Inspirational as His Art

    I love videos and articles on artists’ studios. I like to hear their philosophy, see them at work, have a look at the environment they’ve created to work in, all that. Today’s visit is with an artist named Desmond Blair, and he does talk a bit about what kind of work he does and why, and you get to see him at work, and it is in the studio he works in, but . . . It’s got a little […]

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  • Speaking of Drawing Lips . . . again

    Speaking of Drawing Lips . . . again

    Okay, now that you know a bit about the anatomy of lips and there aren’t any loose ones around (Whew!), it’s time to flesh out the supporting structure of the lips with some “squishy little pillows.” (You’ll hear about these in the video.) You’ll  also revisit that light source business and shading as Proko shows you some more about creating realistic lips. So . . .     This artist explains things so well and makes them look so easy […]

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  • Loose Lips: Dangerous to Ships, But Easy to Draw

    Loose Lips: Dangerous to Ships, But Easy to Draw

    Maybe you recall that the other day, I mentioned that your portraits would look silly without noses. Well, they’d look just as silly without lips. So, today and tomorrow I have a couple of instructional videos on drawing lips. These videos — like the ones on noses — were made by Stan Prokopenko, and if you’re wondering why I keep selecting his tutorials, it’s because I think they’re so good. (Trust me: I look at a lot of videos, and […]

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  • Doodling: Just Add Features

    Doodling: Just Add Features

    Today’s doodle is full of little creatures. I see these all over the place, and I’m sure they have a name, but . . .  (If you know what they are, let me know.) Looking at the drawing and the finished doodle, however, made realize that a lot of doodling could be magically made to incorporate little creatures if you just added some features: eyes, teeth, and even tongues. When you watch this video, try to imagine what the little […]

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  • Drawing: If You Work Really Hard . . .

    Drawing: If You Work Really Hard . . .

    In the last couple of posts, you’ve seen videos on the anatomy of the nose and learned how to (well, started learning how to) draw realistic ones. Why? Why learn anatomy and realism and all that? Especially when things like Manga and comics and abstraction are so popular? So you can do things like Emanuele Dascanio. What? You mean you don’t really want to draw like this? Well, you don’t have to. . . . But wouldn’t it be great […]

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  • Almost Missed It by a Nose

    Almost Missed It by a Nose

    First: Apologies. I promised (well, said) on Tuesday that I’d have more on drawing noses yesterday, and it didn’t happen. As you know: Sometimes (other) stuff just happens. But I didn’t forget, and today’s video —  “How to Draw a Nose  – Step-by-Step” — is a follow-up to the video on the anatomy of the nose. (Notice how you were painlessly eased through the prerequisite for this video? You’re going to be so glad you watched that first video.) So, […]

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  • How to Draw a Nose: He Knows Your Nose Better Than You Knows It

    How to Draw a Nose: He Knows Your Nose Better Than You Knows It

    A silly title. I know. But when I was looking for videos to help you draw noses, this artist’s leaped out at me:  He doesn’t just tell you what lines to put where, he explains the nose to you so that you know why you’re putting them there. Yes, today’s video is on, to be specific, the anatomy of the nose. Before you start yawning, let me point out that if you pay a little attention to this, it will […]

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  • The Horror Vacui* School of Doodling: Go Big or Go Home

    The Horror Vacui* School of Doodling: Go Big or Go Home

    Happy Doodle Monday! I usually like to encourage you to devote at least part of your Monday at work to doodling, but . . .  Well, today, I need to advise you to be very careful if you try any doodling like today’s example at the office. Because, as you’ll see, there could be a “damaging of company property” issue. I think the artist has done nothing but improved this wall, but . . . you know corporations. At any […]

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