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  • Doodling: Short and Sweet

    Doodling: Short and Sweet

    It’s state fair time in this neck of the woods (I have mentioned that I live in the boondocks haven’t I?), so I didn’t really expect to be posting today. (I know. I know.) But the plan has changed, and I’ve got a nice, somewhat different doodle for you. It’s a small doodle and doesn’t take long to watch. That’s the short part. And the music is really nice. That’s the sweet part.     Doodle Monday’s are special so […]

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  • Landscape Drawing When You’re Out of Cotton Balls

    Landscape Drawing When You’re Out of Cotton Balls

    “So fine was the morning except for a streak of wind here and there that the sea and sky looked all one fabric, as if sails were stuck high up in the sky, or the clouds had dropped down into the sea.”                                                            ― Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse No, no, don’t leave! This is still Best Drawing Videos, and it’s still about drawing, but today’s subject is drawing clouds and you know how poetic clouds can be, so I […]

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  • Feeling Inadequate?

    Have you heard of Kim Jung-Gi? You may have: He has a lot of fans. He’s a Korean artist whom I’ve seen referred to as a “sketching deity. A “sketching deity”?!?!?!  Pretty strong praise, right? After you watch his video, you can tell me if you think it’s deserved.     What do you think? I’ve seen some of his work described as “amazing,” but you’ve got to admit that that’s a word that gets thrown around quite a lot […]

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  • Connecticut Artist Cleans Up

    Connecticut Artist Cleans Up

    Ken Delmar had been an artist for some time before he noticed what he was throwing in the trash. He was throwing away the paper towels he used to clean his brushes. (Well, who wouldn’t?) But then he noticed how beautifully they took to color and . . .     I like Mr. Delmar’s painting a lot, but probably not as much as Bounty! What a killer endorsement! Bounty gets a promo and Mr. Delmar gets to create his […]

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  • Celebratory Doodle

    Celebratory Doodle

    Happy Doodle Monday! Some people love doodles. But I know there are some others who don’t see the value in them. And I’m not just talking about your boss. I mean grumpy people who say things like, “What’s a doodle ever going to get you?” Well, today’s doodle was done by Peter at Peter Draws, and he made it to celebrate getting about a million (that’s 1,000,000!) views on his channel. So that’s what a doodle — or at least […]

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  • Now, How Did the Mona Lisa Get Under My Coat?

    Now, How Did the Mona Lisa Get Under My Coat?

    It’s Friday and you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do this weekend when you have all that time on your hands. You could draw. That’s always good. But what about something different this weekend?  But something still art-centered of course. How about . . . a heist? Here’s some “inspiration” to get the wheels turning.     It does sound like fun, but just one word of caution: You could end up with a lot more time on your […]

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  • Trompe l’oeil:  When It’s Fun to Be Fooled

    Trompe l’oeil: When It’s Fun to Be Fooled

    Today I realized that we haven’t had any trompe l’oeil drawings in what in internet time is forever. And who doesn’t love trompe l’oeil? It can be sort of gimmicky sometimes, but it requires so much skill that you can’t really say that. (Oh, I just did.)  And who doesn’t  want — at least secretly — to be able to draw like the trompe l’oeil artists do?   When I watched this trompe l’oeil drawing being done, it looked a […]

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  • Help for Drawing Chickens

    Help for Drawing Chickens

    If you think today’s video is about drawing pictures of chickens, you are mistaken. If you think today’s video is for people who are chicken about drawing, you are mistaken. Today’s video is for people who draw as if they were actual chickens drawing with their feet. Huh? You’ll see.     Had you ever considered your lines in quite this way? It is sort of natural to  make those careful, hesitant little marks to create a line; we’ve probably […]

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  • Portrait in Pastel

    Portrait in Pastel

    Lately, you’ve seen doodles and micro art and and comic book artists and a lot of bits and pieces. So, I think it’s time to get back to something more traditional. Today’s video is a portrait done in pastels. It’s a pretty drawing, but it is also instructional. The video is pretty fast, so you may have to pause it if you’re really studying what this artist does, but I think it’s worth that (minimal) effort.     “Just” a […]

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  • Big Doodle

    Big Doodle

    Happy Doodle Monday. Since it’s the beginning of a new school year and all that, I thought I’d do a doodle lesson for those who haven’t doodled much. But the video was too long: I know you’re busy. And way too elementary: After all, it is doodling for heaven’s sake. So, I’ve got a video of an “advanced” doodle that i think you’ll like, And that will give you some ideas when you’re goofing off — I mean exploring creative […]

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