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  • Illustrating Oz

    For the past few days, I’ve been running a little how-to series on drawing Manga. One of the things I find interesting about Manga is how different the characters can be even though the parameters for drawing them are fairly strict. In contrast to all of that, today I’ve got a video about another type of illustration. These illustrations are a whole different kettle of fish (so to speak), and most of them were done for The Wizard of Oz. […]

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  • Manga Heads Need Manga Bodies

    Manga Heads Need Manga Bodies

    As I may have mentioned before, I live just west of the boondocks, and despite the fact that this is the 21st century and all that, sometimes our internet connection fails. Hard to believe, but true. So, sorry I haven’t been able to post for a few days, but . . . what are you gonna do? When I left off with the Manga tutorials series, you’d seen videos on general Manga drawing, expressions, and hair. I think it’s about […]

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  • Keep Doodling Free!

    Keep Doodling Free!

    It had to happen. I guess. Yes, someone has produced a book on doodling.  I say “produced” because I’m not sure how much actual writing was involved, and it’s in Dutch anyway. The video is cute and I guess if you were totally clueless, some doodling lessons or tips would be okay, but . . .   This doodler (Marieke Blokland) has rules! It makes me want to sputter that that defeats much of the purpose of doodling.  Take a look. […]

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  • Ever Seen a Bald Manga Character?

    Ever Seen a Bald Manga Character?

    Honestly, have you ever seen a Manga character without hair? I know I’m not the best informed person on anime and Manga, but I can’t think of ever having seen a bald Manga figure. And, so, if you want to include Manga in your art repertoire, you’ve got to learn to draw hair. To that end, I’ve got a great video with not one, but four ways to draw Manga hair. This video is a bit on the longer side […]

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  • Manga: Slap a Smile on That Face

    Manga: Slap a Smile on That Face

    Guess what.  This is the 300th post on Best Drawing Videos! You probably haven’t been keeping count, but I have. (We don’t need to go into the many issues that make me the kind of person who counts things like blog posts.) And I want to thank anyone who has liked, shared, subscribed to, whatever the blog and especially any of you who have been here from the beginning. When I say I appreciate your support, I really, really do […]

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  • It Would All Be the Same . . . If It Weren’t So Different

    It Would All Be the Same . . . If It Weren’t So Different

    Gosh! It’s been a long time since there’s been a post on Manga. Since September as a matter of fact. That’s partly (mostly?) because I’ve been sort of lukewarm on anime. But then I started looking at it from a new angle. The angle of a book designer. When I worked as a book designer, a friend of mine (an architect) teased me about it: You’ve got a cover and you’ve got pages . . . so . . . […]

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  • Doodling: Where Will It End?

    Doodling: Where Will It End?

    Last Doodle Monday, I showed you an artist doodling all over a (or what I hope was her) small house. We’ve seen a few other big wall doodles here, but there are more. In fact, it’s pretty apparent to me that it’s become a trend. (You know, as in: Humongous wall doodles are trending now!) And I have three examples to prove it. The first is a group (or maybe it’s a gang) of artists doodling on a wall. Next, […]

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  • Why You Should Learn to Draw

    Why You Should Learn to Draw

    There are so many reasons to learn to draw. To express your unique creativity. To develop a deeper way of viewing the world around you. To gain a better understanding of other cultures and eras. To better appreciate the artwork of others. Because you don’t own a camera. And, finally, because your great, great, great, etc. grandchildren may need the money. I’m assuming you practice a LOT and that your family has the good sense to hang on to your […]

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  • The Digital Eye

    The Digital Eye

    There are some fairly stunningly realistic drawings of eyes on YouTube. In fact, the very first post on the blog was a drawing of one of them. So, you’ve probably guessed that today’s video is of a drawing of an eye. But this one’s special: It’s drawn (okay: painted, potAto/poTAHto) digitally.     I don’t know what program was used to draw this eye, but . . .  I’m jealous. Because I don’t know about you, but the more I […]

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  • Technical Exercise in Charcoal: More Fun Than It Sounds Like

    Technical Exercise in Charcoal: More Fun Than It Sounds Like

    I haven’t posted a lot of charcoal drawing, and I really don’t know why because I really like it. There have been a couple of portraits, like the one of Robert Downey, Jr. And a couple of “lesson” type videos, the skull and the banana. Even from those few posts, you’ve probably picked up a lot about charcoal. But, if you’re new to this medium, this video — which was a technical exercise — will show you something else you […]

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