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  • It’s All About the Trees

    It’s All About the Trees

    Recently my niece in Texas had a little boy, and that made me think of families. And that made me think of family trees. So, in today’s post, I’ve got three videos on ways to draw trees. The first is a lesson in drawing three types of trees, and the different ways you approach the drawings. Second, is a lesson in drawing a tree in a landscape with some notes on treating different ranges within the drawing. And, finally, for […]

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  • Doodling? Seriously?

    Doodling? Seriously?

    Wait until you see these doodles! They are actually drawings of recognizable subjects (e.g., the Mona Lisa, the Statue of Liberty), but the background and shading are created by little doodles. The drawings are terrific in themselves, but it’s fascinating — and fun — to study the detail.  It’s sort of a “Where’s  Waldo” meets fine art. I could spend hours studying these “doodles.” What do you think of these drawings/doodles? Have you ever seen anything like them? And do […]

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  • No Nudes Is Good Nudes

    No Nudes Is Good Nudes

    No, I don’t really mean it.  Nudes are great. Unless you want to draw drapery. Do you remember in yesterday’s post that I mentioned that one of a  few of the things that a lot of artists feel they should master is drawing drapery?  Well, today’s video is a lesson in the basics of drawing fabric, which — oddly enough — is usually draped. (Unless your model is wearing her clothes way, way too tight.) I like the way this […]

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  • Feathers and Fur . . . in a Good Way

    Feathers and Fur . . . in a Good Way

    Feathers and fur make me think of burlesque, but . . .  Burlesque has nothing at all to do with this post, so I’ll move along. There are certain things that trained artists often strive to master in their drawing: likenesses, draping, water, etc., etc., etc., and feather and fur. Today’s post has an example of each. The first video is a popular video of the drawing of a Mccaw.  The second is a somewhat obscure  video of the drawing […]

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  • Big Lessons from a Little Artist

    Big Lessons from a Little Artist

    Yesterday, I posted a video of a drawing done in the style of an old master whose technique (or look or style or whatever) you could learn to recreate. In the interest of keeping-us-all-awake-I-mean-contrast, today’s post revisits the painted work of a modern artist — anything but an old master — whom I posted about back in December in Mini Master? I’m talking about Aelita Andre, the little Australian girl who has from just about the word go amazed the […]

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  • Is That a Da Vinci or Are You Just Good at Photoshop?

    Is That a Da Vinci or Are You Just Good at Photoshop?

    Years ago, a friend of mine — an extremely talented friend of mine — decided he wanted a Renaissance painting to hang over his fireplace in his new home. Well, he wasn’t even close to wealthy, but, as I said, he was talented.  So, he painted one. Since this is a drawing site and not a painting site, today’s post is going to teach you how to draw a Renaissance picture for over your fireplace. Or wherever you feel you […]

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  • Remedial Doodling

    Remedial Doodling

    As some of you (well, maybe one) may have noticed, I’ve been virtually away for a week. No good reason. Just ennui. I suppose that’s just one of those things that most of us have episodes of.  But much as we all deserve a good wallow in ennui every now and then, it’s not one of things that you can let run rampant. And, fortunately, I have a cure for it. Yep: doodling. All you really need is a little […]

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  • Math and Doodling

    Math and Doodling

    “In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one.” Wikipedia You’ve heard of the Golden Ratio; I know you have. It’s common wisdom that things — art, buildings, plants, etc. — with this ratio are inherently pleasing to the eye. The way to get this ratio by taking the numbesr 0 […]

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  • Sunday Freebie Alert!

    Things have been a little bit hectic (or maybe I mean confused) around here lately.  That isn’t really out of the ordinary, but for some reason, this time it’s has interfered a bit with my posting to the blog. In a pathetically feeble attempt to make amends, I have something a little different for you today. Instead of a video, I have FREE ART BOOKS! Well, they aren’t” books” ; they’re ebooks for Kindle.  And I don’t have them; Amazon […]

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  • Sharpie Art Spreads

    Sharpie Art Spreads

    Remember way back in September when I posted a video of an artist “Sharpie-ing” a Lamborghini? Then — for the less privileged among us who were dying to put their Sharpies to use — I posted an artist decorating a shoe with a Sharpie? Well, today’s video is of an artist (who may or may not be the same artist who was in the shoe video) using his Sharpie to decorate a guitar. Doesn’t this remind you of a hard-edge […]

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