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  • There’s More Than One Way to . . .

    There’s More Than One Way to . . .

    There’s probably more than one way to do just about everything. In this post, I have two videos on two very different ways to draw a dog. There’s also a hint included in this post, but . . . more about that later. So, here’s one way to draw a dog. This is sort of a sophisticated draw-by-numbers method. If you have trouble with proportions, you might like to try this technique for a while and see if it helps […]

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  • Keep Calm and Doodle On

    Keep Calm and Doodle On

    I am so sorry! Here it’s already after noon on a Monday, and you’ve had nothing to do so far today but work.  That’s just not right. To make up for it, I have a nice relaxing doodle for you to end the day on. So shove your work in a drawer; get your paper and pencil; take a deep breath; and . . .     When you combine that voice with doodling, it really is therapeutic. Also, I […]

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  • Colored Pencil Realism Technique

    Colored Pencil Realism Technique

    Before I go any further, I have to say that I know that this video is promotional.*  I know. But it also shows what talent and skill can do with colored pencils. Watch this artist’s technique and the realism she can create. It’s (obviously) a bit on the painstaking side, but I think the results are worth it.   I enjoyed watching this woman’s technique and loved the realism of her apples. Although, I have to say that when I […]

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  • Art for Art’s Sake

    Art for Art’s Sake

    What happens when a museum that houses one of the world’s most celebrated collections of art reopens after a 10-year facelift? FLASHMOB!     I know it’s not a drawing video, but it is pretty wonderful:  The art of a flashmob to promote the art of the Rijksmuseum. What better way to celebrate the “return” of a great museum than by a live recreation of its most famous masterpiece? I hope you enjoyed this video, get to visit the Rijksmuseum, […]

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  • Doodles for Earth Day

    Doodles for Earth Day

    Happy Earth Day! Today’s post has some “extreme” doodling. The first video is called “Earth /w Compass & Quote,” and although it’s a bit long (over 11 minutes), . . . it is extreme and it has a great message. In the second video, you get to see how insignificant we all are on this planet. (No, no, not you. I meant everyone else.) The earth doesn’t even need us to create its doodles. (It does, however, need us to […]

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  • Pen and Ink: You’re Going to Need Groceries

    Pen and Ink: You’re Going to Need Groceries

    I hope you liked the last two posts on pen and ink. Since it’s almost the weekend, and you’re going to have time on your hands, I’ve got one more pen and ink technique for you to try. This one uses a pen. And ink. And some water. . .  And walnut husks. The “recipe” is on the video.     I hope you give this a try. I love the idea of making art materials out of “things you […]

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  • A “Secret Weapon” for Pen and Ink Sketching

    A “Secret Weapon” for Pen and Ink Sketching

    Yesterday, I showed you a pen and ink landscape with some interesting shading created with a brush and water. Then I promised you that today I’d show you a tool that could help you get some nice effects in your own drawings. The “tool” is really just a pen, but it’s one that was actually designed for calligraphy: the Pilot Parallel Pen. It works beautifully for calligraphy, but there are ways you can manipulate the pen to alter your lines […]

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  • Pen and Ink and . . .

    Pen and Ink and . . .

    Pen and ink and . . . I didn’t finish the title because I felt a little guilty. This video is of a a pen and ink drawing, but there’s also a lot of brush work. So, even though I don’t usually quibble over the borderlines of media, for some reason, I did this time. Not enough to keep me from posting the video though because it is a great drawing, very instructive, and fun to watch.   Now, if […]

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  • It’s All About the Lines

    It’s All About the Lines

    Let’s face it: Drawing is all about the line. I guess you could make a drawing that was created entirely with shaded  areas, but — traditionally — it’s lines, lines, and lines. And it’s amazing what depth and volume you can create, what light and dark you can imply, what meaning you can impart with those lines. So, you want to do them right.  Right? Today’s video is a short lesson in drawing lines. It looks simple, but . . […]

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  • Story-Telling Doodles

    Story-Telling Doodles

    Mondays can be so hard. Sometimes, about all you can do is doodle some lines on paper while you try to get your mind in gear for all those days that come after Monday. But some people actually create doodles that are more than just lines. Their doodles have a message or tell a story. (Although, admittedly, I don’t know if they doodle these on Mondays now that I come to think about it.) Mary is a prolific doodler whose […]

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