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  • Cross Hatching: Now That You’ve Mastered the Technique

    Cross Hatching: Now That You’ve Mastered the Technique

    Yesterday, I posted a little video tutorial on cross hatching and another on hand control. They were pretty basic. And along with “basic” sometimes goes “boring.” I hope not, but I am (usually) a realist. BUT today’s post is going to show you where all that practice and hand control can lead.     I hope you enjoyed this video and were able to follow along.  The shading resource really is available on the instructor’s site: Just type in “shading […]

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  • Cross Hatching: So You Think You Know All About It?

    Cross Hatching: So You Think You Know All About It?

    Everyone loves doodling — at least I hope they do — and it’s a great exercise. And it can lead to some really creative pieces. But if you want to become skilled at drawing — really skilled —  there is no substitute for learning and practicing traditional techniques. And one of those traditional techniques that is used a lot and seems very straightforward is cross hatching. Cross hatching is basically a series of lines running parallel to each other. Then […]

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  • Water, Water Everywhere . . .

    Water, Water Everywhere . . .

    If you’re a regular visitor here and you didn’t already know it, you have by now figured out that drawing isn’t — to me anyway — just a pencil or pen and some paper. Oh, no. And a few forms of drawing even involve something that actually seems counter intuitive: water.  Remember Drawing in Water: The Transfer or Drawing with Water? The drawing in today’s video is similar to Drawing in Water, but it takes it a step further. (Note […]

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  • Old Art in the News

    Old Art in the News

    If Leonard Da Vinci had been the kind of person who would have said  “Nyah nyah nyah,” he’d be saying it now. Several of Da Vinci’s anatomical drawings — done hundreds of years ago — will be displayed next to MRI and CT scans — done with modern technology — at the Edinburgh International Festival in August. And although the project was apparently undertaken without expectations, the drawings have shown themselves to be more than historical curiosities: They’ve shown themselves […]

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  • Monday, Monday: Snow and Doodles

    Monday, Monday: Snow and Doodles

    I don’t mean to complain (although I’ve been told I’m good at it), but it’s supposed to be spring. Yet, everywhere I look outside, I see snow, snow, and  more snow. Don’t get me wrong: I like snow. In it’s place. Which is not after March 22nd. I guess all you can do is doodle some flowers.     This video is especially good for those of us who have gotten a bit dull with winter dragging on because it’s […]

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  • You’re Going to Draw with What?

    You’re Going to Draw with What?

    Some people just have to show off. Of course, when you can do what this artist can, you probably have a right to. Two portraits. Two hands. Same time. The mind boggles. The first video is the practice run for the drawing. The second video is a later version.       Pretty darn amazing. One of the comments the second video got was “How many brains do you have?”  Indeed. So, I guess you know what you have to […]

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  • Right From the Start

    Right From the Start

    One of the things I’ve learned about art is that almost anything done in oil can be saved at any time, and that almost anything — ie., pottery — done in clay can be ruined at any time. (I think the choice between these two media says a lot about a person because of that.) So, wasn’t it a comfort in the charcoal drawings of the last couple of days that you could — for the most part — erase […]

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  • Fine Tuning Your Charcoal

    Fine Tuning Your Charcoal

    Yesterday’s post had a video on the basics of using charcoal —  Color, color.  Smudge, smudge. Highlight. — to create a drawing of a somewhat simple form. But — somewhat surprisingly when you think of a clunky piece of charcoal — charcoal can be used to create some very delicate effects in your drawing, too. Today’s first video is a very short (about one minute) video showing the drawing of a crystal ball with charcoal to demonstrate what I mean […]

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  • Charcoal: A Different Banana

    Charcoal: A Different Banana

    Drawing with charcoal can be a whole different animal — or, in this case, a whole different fruit — from drawing with graphite. There are different criteria for choosing paper; the media itself has a different nature; and the way it is applied is different. And, of course, the effects you can achieve can be very different. But, it’s not necessarily more difficult, and the results can be very satisfying. Today’s video will help those of you who are new […]

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  • Doodle or Not?

    Doodle or Not?

    Well, it’s the day after what is to many people a major holiday.  And a holiday that can include drinking. But it’s also Doodle Monday and —  not to be cruel — but I have a heavy philosophical question for you:  When is a doodle not a doodle? In other words, when does a doodle become a drawing? You’ll see what I mean when you see today’s video, the  title of which is “Sandra draws an abstract thing: Week 1 […]

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