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  • Wrong Again

    Wrong Again

    Yesterday, I posted what I think is an amazing example of ballpoint pen drawing. What impressed me the most about the drawing was the painterly technique. I usually think of ballpoint pens as sort of clunky. But I have obviously been proved wrong. Like a lot of people, I don’t really like being wrong . . . but I can take it when the proof is so beautiful. I can even take it twice, which is why I’m posting today’s […]

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  • Abe Lincoln in Ballpoint: More Interesting Than It Sounds

    Abe Lincoln in Ballpoint: More Interesting Than It Sounds

    Catchy title, huh? But . . . when I think of Abe Lincoln, I can’t help but think of history classes, which can be — although they shouldn’t — less than exciting. When I think of ballpoint pens, I think of freebies given out by places like car dealerships and mortgage companies. And I don’t think I need to elaborate on that kind of boring. Today’s drawing, a portrait of Abraham Lincoln drawn by J. Stephen Gazsi with a ballpoint […]

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  • Doodle Monday: Could It Be Spring?

    Doodle Monday: Could It Be Spring?

    No, of course it’s not spring. But there is a daffodil actually blooming in my yard and that’s enough for me to go overboard. . . . With my apologies for sounding whiny to everyone who has actually had — or is still having —  a hard winter, which we haven’t. So in honor of my misguided daffodil and to bolster hope in anyone who’s sick of winter, today’s doodle is of a flower. And it’s one heck of a […]

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  • Pen and Ink and . . . Other Stuff

    Pen and Ink and . . . Other Stuff

    A couple of days ago we had the oldest surviving animated film. Then yesterday, there was the street artist drawing with rubber. So, now it’s time for something completely different. I have to admit (I seem to do a lot of admitting) that I was unfamiliar with the artist, Jeff Jag, who did today’s drawing, so finding this video (and his site) was a great surprise. When I think of “pen and ink,” I think along traditional lines, and I […]

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  • Drawing: Where the Rubber Hits the . . .

    Drawing: Where the Rubber Hits the . . .

    I’ve come across this video several times, but for some reason just never thought all that much about it. Until I realized that the artist is only using a piece of rubber. (I know that information is right there with the video, but . . . I’m looking at videos, not reading.)     I think the biggest thing I learned from this video — and I’m embarrassed to admit it — is that it’s too easy to dismiss the […]

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  • History Lesson

    History Lesson

    Today’s video is a history lesson. I know. I know.  Usually, when you hear “history lesson,” it means your going to learn something depressing. But I wouldn’t do that to you. This “lesson” is the earliest surviving American animated film, and as you’ll see, it all begins with drawing.     Yes, special effects people, this is where it all started. And for the non-technically inclined: I can’t figure out how they did it either. If your friends need a […]

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  • Pastel Landscape 5: Advanced Tutorial Step-by-Step

    Pastel Landscape 5: Advanced Tutorial Step-by-Step

    For those of you who were off for Presidents’ Day, it’s back-to-work day. It’s also the last of the pastel landscape mini series. The artist today is another one of the “shy” pastel artists: If there’s a single sound on this video, I didn’t hear it. But she makes up for that with good text explanations of what she’s doing, and she goes into quite a lot of detail. I learned a lot from this video, so I hope you […]

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  • Doodling and Politicians: No Where to Hide

    Doodling and Politicians: No Where to Hide

    Do you remember my post “I’ve Seen Your Doodles and I Know Who You Are?” It was sort of the doodling equivalent of hand-writing analysis. Well, what about the doodles of sport figures or movies stars or . . . politicians? Do you think they doodle? And if so, what do you think we might learn from those doodles? You know I wouldn’t ask those questions if I didn’t have some kind of answer. So, today I’ve got an old […]

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  • Pastel Landscape 4: Tutorial on Mood and Atmosphere

    Pastel Landscape 4: Tutorial on Mood and Atmosphere

    This video was supposed to be posted yesterday (because I like to take a day off on Sunday), but . . . I decided to go to The Big City (for me that means Washington). That wouldn’t have made any difference except that I managed to step into a room when I should have stepped down into the room. (Why people don’t put signs up in their houses is beyond me.) My foot is paying the price . . . […]

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  • Pastel Landscape 3: “Shore and Soliltude”

    Pastel Landscape 3: “Shore and Soliltude”

    Remember how I mentioned that the pastel artists seemed like “quiet types”? Well, this artist is apparently so shy, she isn’t even in the video! (Of course, she did name the picture “Shore and Solitude”.) You don’t get to see her actually working on the piece, but you do get to see the progression of the steps. Having said that, I would like to have seen her working on the water because she goes even a step further than the […]

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