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  • I Give In: Skull Drawing

    I Give In: Skull Drawing

    It’s impossible not to notice how popular skulls are and have been for some time now. I don’t get it. But I kept coming across this video that was really, really popular so . . . And now that I’ve finally watched the video and detached myself from the skull aspect of it, I have to admit that I do like this drawing.  Actually, I’m still not crazy about the subject matter, but I do appreciate Paul Alexander Thornton’s talent […]

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  • The Key to 3D

    The Key to 3D

    If you lived in the house with this kitchen, you might have a key like this one. It just looks like such a regular two-dimensional drawing until . . . those last few touches.  And, suddenly, it’s a three-dimensional key! I think maybe the small scale of this 3D drawing makes it almost more impressive than some of the really large ones.  It seems like if you have enough space and material and planning and hours of labor, you could […]

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  • Doodle with a Cherry — I Mean Eyeball — on Top

    Doodle with a Cherry — I Mean Eyeball — on Top

    There seem to be more Mondays in the week than other days.  I mean here’s another one already. Thank heavens for doodling! Today’s doodle is — in my opinion — really beautiful.  Except for the eyeball on top, which is not my thing.  But maybe that’s just me. Maybe you like eyeballs. Anyway, it’s a very nice doodle and really shows the flow of someone who’s caught up in it.     I hope you liked today’s doodle and that […]

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  • Killing Time Artistically

    Killing Time Artistically

    How often do you find yourself having to kill time?  Like waiting in line or for water to boil? How often do you find yourself having to kill long periods of time?   Like in doctors’ offices or . . .  on airplanes? I don’t really travel that much, but I still feel as if I spend way too much time in airports and on planes. And I would never have thought of using that time to draw. But this artist […]

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  • Warm and Fuzzy: How to Draw Realistic Fur

    Warm and Fuzzy: How to Draw Realistic Fur

    Yesterday’s drawing of the sea turtle made me realize that there haven’t been any posts on drawing animals for awhile, That and the fact that the cat is sitting in my lap right now. So, today I’ve got a really good lesson in drawing realistic fur. You know that if you like drawing animals, you’re probably going to have to know how to draw fur. And fur can be problematic, so . . . (Please note that this video is […]

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  • Not Everything is Black and White

    Not Everything is Black and White

    I’m the kind of person who wishes things were black and white.  Well, things like “issues.” But not necessarily art. So, today’s videos are about drawing with colored pencils. The first video is a drawing of a turtle. The video is complete in itself, but although it gives a URL for the artist’s site — where you can see the finished piece —  it didn’t work. I do like this artist, though, so I’ll keep looking for her and let […]

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  • Espresso Yourself!

    Espresso Yourself!

    Back in October, I had a post on drawing on coffee.  It was pretty impressive, but . . . was it really all that difficult? Could a “regular” person learn to draw on coffee. Of course they could. I wouldn’t toy with future coffee artists. In fact, I even have two videos to get you started you. The first video is short and demonstrates how to draw a flower and hearts on lattes. If you want to try coffee art […]

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  • Auto Doodling?

    Auto Doodling?

    It’s Doodle Monday and I have a really nice work for you. The actual title of this work is “Automatic Drawing,” and the artist, David Carroll, titled it that because the method he used to draw it was “surrealist automatism.” I hate to admit it, but I had never heard of surrealist automatism, so I did a little research. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it as it applies to drawing: Automatic drawing (distinguished from drawn expression of mediums) […]

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  • If You Were a Sharpie . . .

    If You Were a Sharpie . . .

    Remember the posts “Generation Gap? What Generation Gap?” and “Can’t Afford a Lamborghini?”?  If you’re new here, they were about drawing with Sharpies. I love the idea of creating things (especially “artsy” things) with “ordinary” things, like Sharpies, And there are a surprising number of artists out there using Sharpies these days. In fact, Sharpies may have gone mainstream because what I have for you today is a mini-documentary on a Sharpie artist, Mark Rivard. Mark got his start drawing […]

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  • The Beauty of Abstraction

    The Beauty of Abstraction

    Today’s video is about drawing like a professional, and almost all of the drawings in the video are at least abstractish. Now I know a lot of people don’t “get” abstract art.  (I try to avoid these people, but I know they’re out there.) But, personally, I can’t imagine how anyone can look at these works and at their detail and variety, their lines and texture, their composition and just about everything in them and not see something visually intriguing. […]

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