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  • More Drawing Basics: Sketching and Shading

    More Drawing Basics: Sketching and Shading

    Yesterday’s post was a tutorial on blending on drawing. Today’s is a lesson on sketching and shading. Sketching is possibly the most basic of the basics. I have no idea how an artist works without sketching. It’s how you learn to draw and visually record your observations and jot down ideas and plan bigger works and so on and on and on. Shading and blending are how depth and volume and life are added to sketching. And even though these […]

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  • Drawing Basics: Blending

    Drawing Basics: Blending

    I like to post as many different and novel types of drawing as I can. I think most of it’s interesting and/or fun, and it helps me keep my mind open. But at the end of the day, there really is no substitute for basic drawing skills. And the more quickly an artist can master them, the sooner he or she can take what they want from them to express their own vision. With this in mind, today’s post is […]

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  • When They Won’t Let You Draw on the Walls

    When They Won’t Let You Draw on the Walls

    Tattoos have been around in one form or another for . . . well, forever.  You can’t really call  tattooing a fad these days, but . . . can you really call it art? I’ve never been a fan of committing to a  temporary infatuation to the point where I’m willing to permanently display the object of the infatuation on my body — I’m picturing pink unicorns frolicking across my shoulders — but I can’t help but acknowledge the artistry […]

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  • Doodle Tech

    Doodle Tech

    No paper? No pencil? No problem. You can still doodle. Why do you think they invented computers? Doodling is in itself a relaxing activity, but I found watching this computer doodling had the same effect. And just as some doodles lead to something beautiful, I think this one did, too. Now, here’s the big question (and your answer will be strictly confidential):  Do you doodle on your work computer? Just put a simple yes or no in the comments. And […]

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  • If You Haven’t Seen . . .

    If You Haven’t Seen . . .

    You know how people (or television ads) are always saying, “Well, if you haven’t seen . . .”? I hate to sound like everyone else, but if you haven’t seen Diego Fazio, you haven’t seen photorealistic drawing. Diego Fazio (or DiegoKoi as he is also known) is a self-taught Italian artist who has become  famous on the web. You may already be familiar with his art, but if not, you’re going to be blown away. Actually, I’ve already seen his […]

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  • Sketching, Perspective, and an Old House

    Sketching, Perspective, and an Old House

    Yes, I know this sketch is done in oil. But something similar could easily be done in pencil. And, in the case of this sketch, it’s the lessons that are important not the medium. Speaking of lessons: There are three things I think are important to take away from this video. (Although you certainly don’t have to. No pressure.) First, although this is a drawing of architecture and involves perspective, the artist isn’t obsessive about it. He sketches in simple […]

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  • How to Draw a 3D Illusion: A Drawing Drawing Itself

    How to Draw a 3D Illusion: A Drawing Drawing Itself

    Do you like the 3D, tromp l’oeil drawings like those by Julian Beever and Tracy Lee Stum and Kurt Wenner? Would you like to know how they’re done and how you could draw like that, too? Today’s post  has two videos.  The first is the short version of the finished work that is created in the second video. If you’re short on time (I know: everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving), you can watch the first video.  But if you really […]

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for supporting Best Drawing Videos!

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  • Working with Pastels: A Lesson and an Inspiration

    Working with Pastels: A Lesson and an Inspiration

    There sometimes seems to be a little confusion as to whether working with pastels is drawing or painting. The thing is this is a drawing site, and I want to include pastel works on it. So from here on I’m just going to pretend that the whole matter doesn’t exist, i.e, as far as I’m concerned, working with pastels equals drawing. I’ll try to avoid mentioning the issue ever again. So, for today’s drawing video – or videos – I’ve […]

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  • She’s Back: The Math Class Doodler

    She’s Back: The Math Class Doodler

    If you’ve studied art history, you’ve probably heard all about the Golden Mean and the relationship of mathematics to art and beauty and so on and so forth. The Math Class Doodler has her own take on math and art, and it’s not just that art (doodling) keeps her awake in math class. If you can keep up with her (Imagine what it’s like to be her parents!), you might learn something.  But you don’t have to. (I’m not your […]

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