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  • X-Ray Technician by Day . . .

    X-Ray Technician by Day . . .

    Best Drawing Videos just passed it’s 100th post! And that, of course, made me want to find a really special video for today’s post . . . and I think may have done it. I didn’t plan this, but the artist in today’s video is the same artist — Phil Hansen — who was in yesterday’s post. Phil Hansen is a very interesting guy.  He’s an x-ray technician by day but, off-duty, he’s a performance artist and social commentator. And […]

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  • Freehand in More Ways Than One

    Freehand in More Ways Than One

    Have you ever seen someone draw freehand when their tools were their hands? No, you can’t count finger painting. Actually, the method used in today’s video is a lot like finger painting. The artist does uses his fingers, but mostly his hands. And his face at at least one point. It’s drawing. It’s painting. It’s performance art that creates art. What do you think? Did you expect that result? Considering what looked a lot like a random display of hand-chopping […]

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  • It’s Doodle Monday!

    It’s Doodle Monday!

    Do you remember the Sharpie* decorated bedroom? I think I may know where the decorator got some of her inspiration. Even if this isn’t where she got her inspiration, you might be able to get some from this post’s video. After all, it’s Monday and if you live anywhere near the eastern coast of the U.S., you’re probably just sitting around waiting to see what kind of havoc the impending hurricane wreaks. So, get inspired and get doodling! I like […]

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  • Drawing Animals: Fantastic Cats

    Drawing Animals: Fantastic Cats

    If you like cats . . . Or if you like realism . . . Or even if you just like very, very good drawing . . . You’re really going to enjoy this little video. I love the way this artist used different poses (the second is my favorite) and captured the personalities of his subjects.  The skill he displays in drawing fur and creating light are fantastic.  And take a look at the eyes in cat number 16.  […]

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  • Art Snooping

    Art Snooping

    An artist’s sketchbooks are almost like diaries. So, when I get to look through those sketchbooks, I feel like I’m almost snooping. Mattias Adolfsson is a quirky and brilliant Swedish illustrator who has videoed some of his sketchbooks. They’re filled with everything a creative and unbridled imagination can come up with. I think the sketchbooks — as well as being inspirational — are a lot of fun to look through. Apparently other people think so, too, because he’s published a […]

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  • Tobacco Art

    Tobacco Art

    Remember the posts on drawing with sand? Or how about the one on drawing with salt?  Or coffee? Or the one with chocolate syrup? Well, today’s post is a portrait of Bob Marley done with . . . tobacco.  Marlboro cigarettes to be exact. Even if you ignore the medium, you have to admit it’s a good portrait. I can only imagine what this artist could do with a Sharpie! As an aside, I hope this encourages all the smokers […]

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  • How To Draw Mountains . . . with a BonusTrip Down Memory Lane

    How To Draw Mountains . . . with a BonusTrip Down Memory Lane

    I just got back from the Smokies, so I wanted to find a drawing video that involved mountains. Well, not only did I find a drawing demo of a mountain landscape, but I found one by Jon Gnagy! For those of you who were born yesterday — or even those of you who were born 50 years ago — Jon Gnagy was “America’s Original Television Art Teacher,” and this lesson was first shown in 1956! I hope you enjoyed this […]

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  • Computer Masterpiece

    Computer Masterpiece

    If you like more classical art, but are also into the techy stuff, today’s post has a re-creation of the Mona Lisa using Microsoft Paint. Yes, I know this is a drawing site, but — to me anyway — when you get into computer graphics, it’s a thin line.  And as this video has over 15 million views, I decided it was worth fudging to be sure you got to see it, too. It took Leonardo da Vinci about four […]

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  • Weekend Artist: What YOU Can Do with Pastels

    Weekend Artist: What YOU Can Do with Pastels

    Since it’s the weekend and you’re interested in art (well, you’re here, aren’t you?), I thought you might like to learn a bit more about drawing with pastels. If you’re new to drawing, they’re a great way to get started.  Not only do they let you add color to your drawing, but they are very forgiving. You can blend and even erase areas when you make a mistake . . .  I mean when you change your mind. The first […]

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  • Robot Art: Some Vacuum, Some Draw

    Robot Art: Some Vacuum, Some Draw

    You know those little round machines that can roll around your house and clean the floors?  Well, big deal:  This machine draws portraits! (Note: This video starts off a little slowly, but stick with it.) “Paul,” the robot that does the drawing, is part of something called the Aikon Project. To quote from the project’s website , “Drawing, is the human activity we investigate in the AIKON project. It has been practiced in every civilisation for at least the last […]

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