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  • The Most Popular Drawing Video (maybe)

    The Most Popular Drawing Video (maybe)

    Just for the fun of it, I decided to see which drawing videos on YouTube were the most popular. Right up there near the top (these things change constantly) was How to Fake a Six Pack. It does involve a permanent marker, has over 34 million views, and is really funny, but wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. My “winner” was actually a lesson in drawing an eye. It has over 10 million views, but, unfortunately, it’s over 10 […]

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  • How to Draw a Caricature or You, Too, Can Annoy Your Friends

    How to Draw a Caricature or You, Too, Can Annoy Your Friends

    Did you see the last post? Have you finished the portrait of your dog yet? Whether you did or not, maybe what you’d really like to focus your drawing on is making  fun of your friends. It is the weekend after all. Below is a funny little video on drawing caricatures to help you get started. Entertaining and instructional. I really like this caricature. How about you?  Do you think it does what a caricature should? Do you draw caricatures […]

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  • How to Draw a Realistic Dog in Pencil

    How to Draw a Realistic Dog in Pencil

    Several posts ago, I had video about drawing a husky. I promised then that I’d watch for videos that showed drawings of other breeds, and today, I’ve got just that. In fact, I have two videos of that. The first video shows a time-lapse drawing of a dog. This video shows quite a lot of detail, and I think it’s especially good for those of you want to learn more about drawing. The second video is a slide show of […]

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  • If Vermeer Had Had a Ballpoint

    If Vermeer Had Had a Ballpoint

    The works of art Johannes Vermeer created are considered masterpieces, but – unfortunately – he didn’t produce many. There’s a certain mystery to his art, and there’s a certain mystery to his life. But I am pretty sure he didn’t use a ballpoint pen. If he had, this short video shows what he might have done with it. The video shows a beautiful and –  especially considering the media – amazing drawing. But if you want to be really dazzled, […]

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  • Can’t Afford a Lamborghini?

    Can’t Afford a Lamborghini?

    So you can’t afford a Lamborghini, and you’ll never be able to express your artistic taste and talent the way you saw done in the Generation Gap post? Life can be hard, but for the creative, there’s always a way. The video in this post will show you how one young artist expressed his taste and talents with nothing more than a cheap pair of shoes. I admit that the drawing isn’t as refined as in some of the other […]

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  • How To Draw  a Female Manga Face

    How To Draw a Female Manga Face

    Many posts ago, I posted a drawing lesson on drawing a realistic Manga face. Today I’ve got a lesson on drawing a realistic female Manga face, equal time and all that. This video is a little longer than I usually show (over 9 minutes), but I know that Manga fans, especially those who like to draw Manga, are dedicated and won’t mind. And not only is Mark Crilley a terrific Manga artisit, but he  has a nice easy-to-follow teaching style, […]

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  • Card Trick: Stunning Small Scale Trompe L’oeil

    Card Trick: Stunning Small Scale Trompe L’oeil

    Some may quibble that this “drawing” includes painting. But since no one quibbled over the drawing done with chocolate syrup . . . And since this drawing is just too good to be missed . . . I’m posting it. The trompe l’oeil works I’ve posted before have been large works. The artists tended to use perspective techniques that required the viewer to look at the work from one point. Those drawings are big and dramatic and dazzling in their […]

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  • Figure Drawing: Proportions

    Figure Drawing: Proportions

    If you visit this site to get drawing tips, you may have watched the video of the sketchy gesture drawing and/or the video of the more structured approach to improve your figure drawing. If you’re still a little iffy on proportions, this post has a quick, easy lesson on human proportions based on heads. Heads? Huh? Take a look, and you’ll see what I mean. Using head lengths makes drawing correct proportions a lot easier. And, of course, the added […]

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  • Generation Gap? What Generation Gap?

    Generation Gap? What Generation Gap?

    I look at a lot of art, and sometimes I just look at it and enjoy it. Other times, I learn something.  And I sometimes I make connections. Today, I saw a connection that surprised me . . . a lot. In the first video (very short and very loud), you’ll see a Lamborghini being decorated with a Sharpie. (I know! Who would decorate a Lamborghini with a sharpie?) In the second video (longish and silent), you’ll see someone creating […]

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  • More Drawing with Food!

    More Drawing with Food!

    Drawing food, as in depicting it in still lifes, has been around forever, but drawing with food? You may remember a post here on drawing with chocolate syrup. When I posted it, I thought it was a novelty. Now that I’ve found someone drawing with salt, I’m not so sure. Maybe drawing with food isn’t so novel.  Maybe this blog needs a new category. All joking aside, this is an impressive demonstration. Let’s face it.  You can’t keep talent down:  […]

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