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  • Tracy Lee Stum: World Champion Street Artist

    Tracy Lee Stum: World Champion Street Artist

    “Tracy Lee Stum” is an American artist best known for her spectacular/large interactive 3d street paintings or chalk drawings. An internationally respected talent, Stum is recognized as the leading female street painter in the world today. Her imaginative 3d Street Paintings and murals have been commissioned by corporations, advertising agencies, arts organizations, educational institutes and government agencies throughout the North America, Asia, India and Europe. She currently holds a Guinness World Record for the Largest Chalk Painting by an Individual. […]

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  • How to Draw a Glass of Water

    How to Draw a Glass of Water

    Unless you’re very thirsty, the thought of a glass of water probably leaves you yawning. But wait until you see this time-lapse video of someone drawing a glass of water. Suddenly the mundane becomes beautiful and amazing. Didn’t I tell you it was amazing? Just a “simple” drawing of a glass of water can suddenly become a wonder. Even when you can see right before you’re eyes how it’s done. Doesn’t it make you want to give 3-dimensional drawing a […]

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  • How to Draw Architecture: Portrait of a House

    How to Draw Architecture: Portrait of a House

    The artist who drew this house has drawn several.  In fact, he has a book out in the United Kingdom called Living in History, which depicts houses of a variety of styles you’ll find in the British Isles. Since I love houses, and since so much of drawing involves architecture, that’s fine with me. I also like watching the artist’s progress as he draws this particular house.  When you watch the video, you may notice a couple of things about […]

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  • Sand Art: Drawing as Performance Art

    Sand Art: Drawing as Performance Art

    Most of the time — not all of the time, but most of the time — drawing is something you look at after the work is finished.  Not so with sand art. The interest and entertainment of the work in this post’s video is in watching it being created. If you’ve never seen sand art, you’re in for a treat. The video is a bit over 9 minutes, but I was sorry to see it end. Fantastic, right? How long […]

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  • How to Draw the Human Figure

    How to Draw the Human Figure

    A few posts back, I had a video showing how to do a gesture drawing of the human figure. Today, I’ve got another instructional video on drawing bodies, but it’s a different approach.  Like the gesture drawing, these drawing are very simple and quick, but these take a much more structural approach. As you can see, these drawings “build” the human figure using a basic understanding of anatomy. The gesture drawing was more of a representation of the observed lines […]

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  • Drawing Animals: A Husky

    Drawing Animals: A Husky

    You’ve seen (I hope) the post on drawing a kitten. Today in fairness to dog lovers, I’ve got a video on drawing a dog, a husky to be specific. This drawing is more of a portrait than the kitten picture was. And, it uses a lot more white space. Pay special attention to how subtly the artist delineated the dog’s chin from the fur beneath it. Besides the smooth-coated vs. fluffy coated distinction, cat breeds have a lot more in […]

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  • Drawing — and Understanding — One- and Two-Point Perspective

    Drawing — and Understanding — One- and Two-Point Perspective

    Perspective (from Latin perspicere, to see through) in the graphic arts, such as drawing, is an approximate representation, on a flat surface (such as paper), of an image as it is seen by the eye. (Wikipedia)  Several posts ago, I showed a demonstration of drawing one-point perspective. Today, I’ve got a more advanced video on drawing one- and two-point perspective. This is a little longer than the earlier video (a bit over 9 minutes), but then two-point perspective is a […]

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  • Portrait Drawing Demonstration

    Portrait Drawing Demonstration

    This is a fantastic portrait drawing demonstration. It’s so fantastic that I’ll warn you that the first time I watched it, the video stopped part way through. I backed it up a little and started it again, and it was fine. So, if it stops while you’re watching, try that. Another thing I’ll “warn” you about is that if you don’t like nudity, there are drawings of nudes after the demonstration. The video is great, and nudity in art doesn’t […]

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  • Computer Graphics:  How to Draw Anime

    Computer Graphics: How to Draw Anime

    The video in this post combines the love of Manga and anime with computer graphics. I’m sure you know how sophisticated computer graphics can be. But I think this video gives a good demonstration of what a less experienced artist can do with them. With the possibilities that computer graphics offer, it would be a shame to scare off a new artist who’s interested in them. This video shows some of the possibilities and the do-ability. One of the features […]

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  • IKEA’s Australian Trompe L’Oeil Creation

    IKEA’s Australian Trompe L’Oeil Creation

    Remember the post about Julian Beever’s  “Fountain of Youth” pavement drawing that was done for Aveeno? Well, IKEA commissioned it’s own pavement art to celebrate 60 years of their catalogue. I don’t know who the artist is on IKEA’s drawing, but you can probably tell that it isn’t Julian Beever. Nice though the drawing is, I don’t think it’s nearly as accomplished as Beever’s work. But, who cares? It’s a fun drawing and a fun video. Did you like it? […]

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