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  • Drawing on Your Phone

    Drawing on Your Phone

    The goal of Best Drawing Videos is, of course, to bring you the best drawing videos on the internet. Some of these are pretty much just for viewing; others are instructional. Until today, that is. By selecting instructional videos for you, I’m assuming that a lot of visitors to this site are interested in learning how to draw. So, when I found this — admittedly promotional — video on a sketchbook app, it struck me as something that would be […]

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  • The Biggest Drawing

    The Biggest Drawing

    A few posts ago, I would have said that some of Julian Beever’s drawings were fairly large.  After seeing this drawing . . . well, everything is relative. This is not only the largest drawing I’ve ever seen, it’s uses the most unusual medium I’ve ever seen.  I can’t even imagine how the artist thought of this. Amazing, right? Have you ever seen anything like this? Would you ever have thought to do something like this? Who uses a delivery […]

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  • How To Draw Cartoon Characters: A Bunny

    How To Draw Cartoon Characters: A Bunny

    A few posts back, I had a video on how to draw Stewie from the television show Family Guy. There are a lot of other great instructional videos available if you’re interested in drawing cartoon characters, and today I’ve got one on how to draw a cartoon bunny. No, this isn’t a (or The) famous cartoon rabbit; it’s a more generic one. And it’s a great demonstration of how easy it can be to create cartoon characters. Pretty cute and […]

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  • How To Draw a Face:  The Basics

    How To Draw a Face: The Basics

    People love to draw faces, and so far, you’ve seen a couple of videos demonstrating complete portraits (Johnny Dep and Emma Watson) and a few showing how to draw specific features (e.g., eyes, hair, noses). This video is going to go back a bit and demonstrate the absolute basics of drawing a face. So now, if you’d like to try drawing a face, you’ve got the essentials. And you’ve seen a bit on how to add eyes, noses, and hair […]

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  • How To Draw a Rose

    How To Draw a Rose

    One subject that has always been popular among artists is flowers, and one of the most popular flowers is, of course, the rose. This video is a good demonstration of one way to draw a rose. In some drawing videos, you’ll notice that the artist works more or less in one area of the drawing at a time. The basic shape and the details are created before he moves on to the next area. This artist uses a more traditional […]

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  • Drawing with One-Point Perspective

    Drawing with One-Point Perspective

    If you want to learn to draw, it won’t be long before you need to learn about perspective. This short video will show you what you need to know to easily establish perspective in your drawings. As you can see, perspective isn’t as scary as a lot of people make it out to be. All you really need is some guide lines on the paper and some guidelines on how to use them to create the feeling of space in […]

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  • A Closer Look at Julian Beever’s Art

    A Closer Look at Julian Beever’s Art

    I’ve already done two posts on Julian Beever’s 3D pavement art, but this post goes a little bit further and includes an interview with the artist. You can watch as he creates a new work, and hear him explain how he does what he does. I can’t seem to get enough of this artist. It does make me a little sad, however, that his works are temporary.  But he does explain why that doesn’t really bother him . . . […]

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  • Charcoal Portrait of Emma Watson/Hermione

    Charcoal Portrait of Emma Watson/Hermione

    I like to look at (and show) portrait drawings of celebrities because the model is so familiar to most of us. On July 11, I posted a video of a “speed portrait” of Johnny Dep, and today I have one in charcoal of Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the Harry Potter series, for comparison. Both of these are great likenesses, but what do you think of the different techniques and media (dry brush vs. charcoal) that were used? Do […]

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  • How To Draw a  Transparent Object

    How To Draw a Transparent Object

    Here at Best Drawing Videos, we try to bring you both the best videos of drawings that are beautiful and/or amazing as well as the best instructional — “how-to” — drawing videos. This demonstration of an artist drawing a transparent object could fall into both of those categories.  Drawing transparency is in itself sort of an amazing thing, but this video shows you how to do it yourself. See what I mean?  The idea that you can create in two […]

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  • “Watch” This Drawing

    “Watch” This Drawing

    I’ve categorized this drawing under “novelty,” but . . . it could be “form” or . . . Basically, it’s a big, very fast (10 hours condensed into 1 minute) drawing of a small, very detailed object (a watch).  See what you think. Many artists work with the outline and larger forms of an object then “fill in” the details.  Did you notice how this artist focused on the details as he moved through the drawing? I think his technique […]

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